Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Starting Statistics

Purpose of this blog is to track time spent and how. Was keeping pencil and paper statistics but I kept losing track of it. But you can't lose the internet. I like stats and the methodical process of earning achievements.

Starting blog at 685 Gamerscore. Already unlocked a majority of the multiplayer achievements and 10,000 soft blocks destroyed. Own two copies and two systems, but I'm betting on the fact that you don't need to destroy blocks online for them to count.

10k, where I am approximately at, is 1% of 1 million.

According to my math, every round has an average of 70 blocks, and at 100 rounds (for the sake of an even number), that’s estimated 7000 soft blocks every 2-3 hours. To reach 1,000,000 soft blocks, you must play at least 143 99-round single player games. The down side is that only blocks that you destroyed count, so your actual progress will be much lower per game since the AI does it's part in destroying the soft blocks in every level.

143 games at 3 hours a game equals 429 hours or 17.8 days of game time minimum.

It's not hard, its just not something the average person would be interested in doing.

Never did like being average.

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