Saturday, June 4, 2011

Duke Nukem 3D (XBLA)

So Duke Nukem Forever finally arrives within the next two weeks. Taking around eleven years to produce (beginning in 1997), (referenced June 4, 2011) the next closest thing in terms of production time would probably be Alan Wake, which took five years before production was complete. (referenced June 4, 2011) This Xbox Arcade version is idenical to the original release of 1996, with the ability to play with friends cooperatively and competitively.

Although Duke Nukem is an anomaly in terms of development, it seems the ongoing trend within the game development community is to continue established venues of success with sequels or reinvent them with reboots of the franchises. It could possibly lead to the cynicism that people often get to where they say to themselves, "Everything that can come out now has already been done before." Which is similar  to Charles Duells famous 1899 quote, "Everything that can be invented has been invented."(referenced June 4, 2011)

Needless to say you wouldn't be sitting in front of your computer if that was the case.

Game speed completion: Four to six hours for the story mode with an additional one hour for the 500 online kills. Can be done faster with the assistance of fellow gamers or with online walkthroughs. Not much to it due to the straightforward achievement list. After finding 70 secret areas in the game, the rest of the time played will be devoted to simply running through as fast as possible for full completion.

GSL Potential: Duke Nukem 3D probably can't be considered GSL material since episodes only unlock after completing the preceeding episodes. In considerations to staking points, a solo player can choose to play up until the final level of the first episode if they are trying to keep the game off the played games list. This would also mean refraining from tipping the exotic dancer, which usually comes just out of habit. Running through the first level in under three minutes would also net the player an additional ten points which can also be popped after finishing the first episode. Even after all that preparation though, the participant would only net 45 points. With a boosting partner, 500 kills can be pumped out within an hour for an additional 50 points. Not necessarily a high scoring point vessel; but despite the point to time ratio, can be considered a, "bottom of the barrel" source for points if someone is between shipments of games.

What the guides don't tell you: You can check how many secrets you have officially discovered in each level on the options screen.  You'll need 70 unique secret areas, and you don't get credit for finding secret areas that you've already discovered... because they're not a secret anymore.

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  1. Good review man. We tend to think that honest reviews need to bash a game, but when all the other reviews say this game is garbage, it's refreshing to see your perspective. I might actually play this pos now!