Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mayhem 3D

Although categorized as a racer, Mayhem 3D’s main focus is obviously demolition derby style than traditional racing. The cel-shaded comic book style artwork can be a pleasant change or a total eyesore, depending on your tastes. And as the title implies, there is 3D, but you don’t need it if you don’t want it.
For GSL competitors, Mayhem 3D will be a pleasant vacation from the typical, “Guide and Game, hand in hand” play style that gamers adopt when game completion efficiency is concerned. That means you can put the laptop away; the charm that GSL players will find from this game is that there are no collectables or missable achievements. It’s fast, it’s streamlined, and the game doesn’t ask for too much skill in order to complete it.

Game speed completion: Short of requiring a second account to unlock four online achievements, the game is built on the simplicity of placing 1st in every event to meet achievement requirements.

The game can be realistically completed in five hours. Difficulty does not affect achievements, but there is one achievement that requires that one exhibition match be played in the hardest difficulty with seven computer players. (Which is not as difficult as it may seem, with the guides that are available online.) All cumulative achievements are earned through obtaining all stars in races.
In short, Get a boost partner for ten minutes, play on easy, come first in every event, and then address all special circumstance achievements for the full completion.

GSL Potential:  Mayhem 3D can be used in many different circumstances in considerations for GSL strategy. Point stacking may not be one of them however since story mode achievements are unlocked in chronological order, and especially if the GSL player wants to keep the game off the radar. Cumulative achievements are unlocked systematically, depending on number of stars earned. Perfect score achievements can be stacked if visibility is not an issue, and if done so, a fast 400 points total can be earned for each one, and would also include the 100% career completion achievement.
Because of the accessibility of the game, it can be utilized as a “vacation game” or something fairly enjoyable to play in between point grinds. It is fast enough to be burned through in five hours, or completion can be spaced out to be done in between other games which require higher levels of attention. The mental reprieve gained from playing a game that does not require an open guide or a checklist is noticeable and can be good for raising morale of a GSL participant who is getting burned out.

What the guides don't tell you:
Although the stats of the car seem like they get better as you unlock them, in one or two particular races it is actually more important to pick a different car type to maneuver the track successfully and around the competition.

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