Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adding other monotonous games to the blog

Rather than start a separate blog for each game I play, I'll just stick to consolidating all information here. After all, I can only handle one redundant game at a time I think. So I will start including Tom Clancy's Endwar. In which I am still testing out one final theory where I can possibly pop the Dog of War achievement.

After trying other methods with the help of the x360a community, I am testing the final theory that the DLC would effect the ability to earn this achievement. To do that, since my main account is already tagged with the DLC is to allow my alt account to win against me through at least three wars. This will take a few months as well. So what I will be recording will be the battles that have lasted at least 3 minutes that my alt account has won against me. If the achievement does not pop after meeting the supposed requirements, then I can scratch another theory off the blackboard. This will also scratch any other possibility that the achievement can be earned, making it effectively unobtainable.

Game: Endwar
Faction: USA

Battles won:
Conquest in Paris: 3+ min
Raid in LeCito: 3+ min
Conquest in Palmico: 3+ min

Total Battles: 3
Conquest: 2
Raid: 1

No Achievements.

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