Friday, April 22, 2011

Gamer Analysis revisit and redesign.

Supposedly when you add a new Label, it gives you a new option to start a new tab on the blogger. I need a new tab. Lets give it a try.

No whammies no whammies no whammies..... Stop.

Well, I figured it out, and it wasn't exactly how I expected it to be, but the problem solver in me got from point A to point B as always. I used this reference to create the categories for direct linking the tabs to my labels. I actually used the information on the comments to get the results I wanted. If you like the design, check it out.

With the time I currently have on my hands, I think it's time to start developing my skills on web presence. It has never been in my personality to announce anything at all, but my ability for creative writing needs an outlet. And if there is anything I learned from my experience from my Master's Degree capstone, it is if you have an idea of what you'll be doing for your doctoral dissertation, I better start building my portfolio now.

What's my idea? The dedicated collection of academic level writing focused on the social, philosophical, economical and technological aspects within the gaming industry. Just starting with my own writing for now, but if I can become a truly legit accredited source for video game academic writing, then I've found my niche in the market.

My gamerscore was always a testament to myself and nothing else. An establishment of the tenacity and dedication to the metagame of minor accomplishments for the bigger picture. Along the way I've had the privilege to play and meet some excellent people, gamers and otherwise. So it would be a waste if I was to keep all that experience to myself, would it not?

I have to give my respects to those who write; to the ones who dare to put their soul on display for others to criticize and condemn. But in order to teach, you have to express your opinion, which I usually keep to myself. Mastering the sweet science of communication nowadays is what will separate the supposed men from the boys, and now I have to learn a whole new electronic language in which people who shouldn't have the ability to express themselves do on a regular basis and make the collective world look worse off than it actually is. I don't want to be one of those people, and I have no intentions to be.

There's probably more to say, but I'll save that for some other time. I'm actually making some decent progress on the redesign. Shout out to MajinFro for the little tidbits of advice that got the ball rolling on this thing again. Follow him on Twitter. Shoot, follow ME on twitter. Don't worry, I like to think that I limit my messages to worthwhile, meaningful messages. If there is one thing that I do, it's show appreciation to those who support me. I swear, appreciation is a lost art in this day and age of entitlement. I don't promise much, but I do promise to always give credit when credit is due. You got video game blogs and you write? I'll follow you. Just let me know.

This blog will integrate my original, "1 Million Soft Blocks Bombed and Other Monotonous Tasks," Blog under, The Crucibles. This tab will follow all the tedious games that I am willing to tackle on my own and includes Tom Clancy's End War, Bomberman Retail and Armored Core: For Answer. Although there are people who have completed the games, there isn't anyone that has documented the effort required to achieve those goals. I will probably add Rumble Roses XX to the list sooner or later. I guess that's my small contribution I will make to the gaming community.

In addition to the academic analysis's I will be writing, I will also be adding my personal gaming experiences, which will include my thoughts on gamerscore earning potential for played games, (which may become useful reference material for future Gamerscore League Participants.) With my background in operations, finding the most efficient way to complete a game is just as important to me as enjoying it. The gamerscore metagame has always been the most important to me as an Xbox gamer, so thats where my gaming discipline will focus. So my reviews will be coming from a very different angle; catering to a very different type of gamer. It hasn't been done yet; it should be a fresh angle.

I knew 2011 would be a year of change, and so far, some of it has been PRETTY UNCOMFORTABLE. But you know what? There is nothing a little analysis couldn't solve. The site is still a work in progress, so expect changes and updates as time passes and writing is completed. But thanks to you who took the time to get this far. I might even move to my own domain as well and all this writing would have been for nothing. Screw it. Pursue it. For me, actions always speak louder than words. It shows in my gamertag, it shows in my efforts in my final GSL performance. And as I now apply it to the real life endeavors, it's time to bare my soul and show it here as well.

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